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Shatter the Vain, Win the Game

Shatter the Vain, Win the Game

  • ReadyPlayer1
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  • Aug 05, 2015

Vain Crystals

At the center of each team’s base is a massive Vain crystal. These crystals are both rare and fragile, so our heroes — as well as factions throughout the world — have constructed elaborate defenses. If you can shatter the enemy Vain crystal, you will be victorious.

Cascading Defense

The crystal is invulnerable until the turrets defending it have been destroyed. By extension, turrets are invulnerable until all turrets beyond them are destroyed. The only vulnerable turrets at the beginning of the match are the ones farthest from each base.


The Vain will frequently summon minions to its defense. Like moths to a flame, these minions will continually move toward the enemy Vain, attacking anything in their path. Where these minions collide, an eternal battle rages on.