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The Road to Victory

The Road to Victory

  • ReadyPlayer1
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  • Aug 05, 2015


The lane is the long stony path along the top of the Halcyon Fold. Because the lane connects the two opposing bases, each team’s minions march along the lane under the protection of their turrets.

Minions are a great source of gold and experience. Additionally, the lane offers protection for many ranged heroes.

We recommend having either a Mage or Sniper hero in the lane during the early stages of each match.

Killing Blows

The only way to earn gold from minions is by landing the killing blow. Since enemy minions are also being attacked by allied minions and turrets, you will need to master your timing to get the most gold from the lane.

Glowing Orange

Keep an eye out for minion health bars that appear much brighter than others. This means your basic attack damage is definitely high enough to land the killing blow if you strike quickly.