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  • ReadyPlayer1
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  • Aug 05, 2015


Evil Note – The Rules

Almost everyone who’s played MOBAs remembers their first experiences with turrets. This is mainly because this first experience often involves a quick and painful death.

Turrets serve a wide variety of purposes in Vainglory. Among other things, allied turrets give you a safe place to fight from early on during the match, particularly when dealing with very aggressive opponents.

Always be mindful when you see an enemy turret nearby. They are absolutely deadly. However, when you do need to approach them, keep the following three rules in mind.

1. Minions First

Make sure allied minions approach turrets before you do. They’ll take the shots so you can attack.

2. Minions Last

Fall back before your last minion dies. Turrets will attack nearby heroes when there are no minions.

3. Don’t Attack Heroes

Turrets will immediately target you if you attack an allied hero.