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Coming Soon: ‘Deathless’ Reim

Coming Soon: ‘Deathless’ Reim

  • Vainglory
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  • Jun 08, 2017


Reim was ready to die – but his Valkyrie friend had other plans for him. Read on for more information about this rare skin inspired by Slavic folklore.


  • Ice-forged blue dragon staff
  • Withered undead flesh
  • Spiked helmet adorned with golden wolves
  • Matching costume with sash, bag and boots




Where the Soul Hides

As the end drew close, Reim climbed the highest peak in the Kalls, casting his last insults upon the Grangor, patting snow beasts and cave trolls on their heads in farewell. He settled on the summit and let the thin air lull him to sleep, ready to die in the oblivion of dreams.

The Valkyrie, his longtime companion, joined him. Reim bid her goodbye and released her from his service.

“Do not die,” she said.

“Leave me alone, wench,” he muttered, and closed his eyes.

The Valkyrie protested, then nudged, then shook him, but his breaths came farther and farther apart, and he spoke no more. So she knelt down and kissed him, inhaling his soul.

She flew out of the Kalls, over the icy ocean, into the warm air, holding her breath day and night. On the Isle of the Selkies, she sketched out her plan on smoothed sand and the selkies agreed, for the price of one hundred Valkyrie tears. The Valkyrie thought of her old friend dying and wept her golden tears into the cupped palms of the amphibious creatures.

One of the selkies laid an egg and handed it to her, warm and new. A tiny hole was poked into the shell, and into it the Valkryie exhaled the soul of Reim. The egg was plugged shut, and then the selkies snatched down a swooping seabird and stuffed the egg whole down its throat. The bird, despite its wild protest, was stuffed whole down the throat of a crocodile, and while the reptile coughed up feathers, the selkies locked it inside a magic box encrusted with corals and shells. The selkies dragged the locked box into the sea, buried it under a wrecked ship and stood guard.

The Valkyrie returned and rejoiced to find Reim still breathing. She told him what she had done and he cursed her, for he had enjoyed the idea of death, but she was accustomed to his curses and paid him no mind.

It is said that Reim still wanders the world with an ice-forged dragon staff, and though his body goes through the death changes, he can never be killed except by one who can defeat the selkie guards, dig under the wrecked ship, unlock the magic box, swim fast enough to catch the escaped crocodile, fly high enough to catch the flying seabird, then remove the egg from inside it.

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