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Update 1.11 Skin Reveals!

Update 1.11 Skin Reveals!

  • Vainglory
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  • Nov 13, 2015


Update 1.11 is coming soon with three new exciting skins! Watch the special Vainglory dev stream to see them in-game! 



“Krul is a guy whose feelings are frozen in time. I wanted to make a lyrical, fun homage to the epic guitar bands I loved when I was a kid.” —Chainsaw

Heavy metal goes pure old school pulp fantasy with Death Metal Krul Tier 3!



Vox ranks up to captain with Tier II of the Cloud Raider Vox skin.


“Vox’s style has been present day, but I wanted to dress him in a period costume. Kicking ass is even sweeter when you’re dressed like a glorious dandy.

“He wouldn’t be his father’s son without some high-tech gadgets. There’s power armor built into his arms and a case that looks old, but has glowing gadgets inside. There’s a contraption that runs throughout the suit and spins the ammo around his arms, and he always has headphones.”

SAW_Tier3_ Splash_2


Coming in update 1.11, Tier III SAWborg goes after the robots that have been hunting him! Read the end of his lore below … or is it the beginning?


“Frankie? I don’t know a Frankie.”

The dwarf’s face peered out through the window in the thick metal door at the end of a dark and labyrinthine series of underground sewer tunnels. SAW reached inside and grabbed the dwarf by his throat.

“I got machine men hunting me down. I had to fake my death to escape. I don’t have time to guess at you sewer rats’ secret passwords. Get me Frankie.”

The dwarf’s eyes lit up. “I heard there were bots roaming aboveground. Real high-tech stuff,” he choked. “If those things are after you, I’m Frankie.”

“The Frankie who can build anything?” SAW’s fingers loosened from the dwarf’s jugular, and a bolt slid unlocked.

“I can engineer anything.” The heavy door slid open. “Follow me. The garage is back here.”

Inside, orange lights hung from high ceilings. Bad couches held together with duct tape encircled a good, if short, pool table. On those couches other dwarves sat, poking at holographic screens upon which lines of code scrolled. A knee-high robot full of coffee wheeled around, spitting steam out of its hinged top. “Hey guys,” called Frankie, “this giant guy just tried to kill me and now I’m taking him to the garage.”

“Okay,” muttered the others.

SAW trailed after Frankie, trying to decide how many dwarves he could take on at once. They were built low to the ground but there were a good bunch of them, some with mighty beards. “So. Can you can help me?”

“Probably not. Those bots?” Frankie pulled up a rolling door and flipped a switch that flooded an echoing garage with white light. “They’re way more advanced than anything I’ve engineered. Any idea why they’re hunting you?”

SAW whistled through his teeth at the artillery inside. Weapons and armor from everywhere he’d been, and many places he hadn’t. Actuators, anti-material rifles, a sentry turret. There was even a tank in the back, blown half apart and still crackling with something that glowed purple. He picked up a rocket-propelled grenade from a shelf stacked with them, hoisted it onto his shoulder. “I’ve made enemies in militaries all ’round the world.”

Frankie’s laugh sounded like marbles rattling in a coffee cup. “Took six years of bureaucracy for the local military to upgrade the 8002 to the 9000. They’re still tinkering with exosuits! Ha! I think on another level, big guy. I’m thinking about the future. I got a gizmo in the closet that’ll move things through time … but that’s not what you’re here for. You’re here for this.” He yanked a tarp away from a jumble of metal armor.

SAW set the RPG back where he’d found it. “I’m not much of a knight.”

“This is ablative plate. Nothing gets through it. It can’t be chipped, scratched, shot or vaporized. You could wear this armor in space.” Frankie hefted up a breastplate as big as his body with surprising strength. “I mean, your chances of winning are very low. Five, ten percent at best. The artificial intelligence hunting you is fully automated. Unkillable.”

SAW held up the helmet and stared into its eyes. “Machines are only as smart as whatever makes ‘em.”

“Whatever made these is smarter than you.”

“Robots can’t be tricky. Humans can get lucky.” SAW fit the helmet over his head. His voice came out muffled. “What do you want for all this?”

“If you manage to survive – which, I can’t stress enough, is a doubtful outcome – bring me back the pieces of the robots so I can see how they work.”

“You wanna make one of these things?”

“I’m an engineer. I want to make everything.

SAW grabbed the breastplate from Frankie’s arms. “Deal.”

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